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Interactive Archives

Archalive is a trading division of OV GEM Limited.
Archalive specializes in the publication of rare, often fragile & priceless manuscripts in electronic format for global audiences.

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Virtual Museums

We create replicas of Galleries, and Museums, either as (real) photographic representations or as computer generated re-creations of venues and installations – interactive, and immersive, and fun.

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Exhibitions: Now & Then

Historic expos, ancient buildings and antiquarian sites re-created: modern exhibitions captured as a perpetual living archive; dreams and concept buildings realized in a ‘really’ virtual world.

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What? How? Who?

O.V.GEM uses modern and appropriate digital media to:

  • enliven the online visitors’ experience, their ease of access to and interaction within Galleries and Exhibitions & Museums, globally.
  • create e-books for rare, historic and prime archival works.

O.V.GEM LIMITED and its trading divisions combines and exploits the skill sets of its principle Directors with over 18 years concurrent experience in their respective fields:

  • Creating virtual and interactive environments and animations (see
  • Scanning digitizing and archival care of cultural, scientific, art and historic manuscripts (see

Press and Comments

Press and Comments

(…of creating the Virtual On-line Tank Museum)
“At The Tank Museum we always endeavor to embrace and utilise technology to heighten our visitor’s experience; this new virtual Museum will allow us to connect with more fans and enthusiasts and with those who seek knowledge about our unique collection.”

Richard Smith, Director, The Tank Museum
(..of inspiration to visit (a Museum)
Why, oh why hasn’t this been done before? it’s easy to use and inspiring to see what otherwise I might not have ever considered. Off to Dorset to see it live is a must!

(…of Digital Technology and ‘trousers’)
‘I’m impressed by this Virtual Tank Museum. It’s a welcome union between the technology of the digital age and the nuts, bolts and moving parts of the mechanical world. And I can check up on some great exhibits without even having to put my trousers on.’
James May, Mechanical/vehicular aficionado and television presenter (Top Gear etc)
(…of working as partner with the Tank Museum)
“We have worked closely with a very receptive Museum and their trustees to pioneer bringing a highly regarded, actual Museum to life on the web. The Tank Museum know their customers well and now know that they can engage with those who may never actually visit the real site – whilst enthusing others so to do!
The design hasn’t, and was never devised to push technology to its limits but to provide a solution to truly showcase their content to a global audience.”

Alex Rowe, Director OV GEM Ltd
(…of the Davy lamp e-book)
Archalive’s publication of the e-book THE DAVY LAMP – Inventing the Miners’ Safety Lamp means that for the first time anyone in the world can download and read Davy’s original manuscripts, as collected by Michael Faraday, containing his scientific notes, workings and diagrams. The manuscripts are accompanied by a full transcription and expert commentary from the e-book’s

Initial press release from The Royal institution of Great Britain,
(…of creating of the Virtual Tank Museum)
“I am delighted that the hard work of Alex and his team at Archalive has yielded this great result. I am sure that from this launch pad the virtual tour will grow in stature in the coming years. When Alex and Archalive first contemplated a joint venture with us (The Tank Museum) there was much skepticism but through perseverance and with a clear vision of what was possible we have reached this exciting conclusion.

John Stace, Trustee – The Tank Museum
(…of The Tank Museum’s vision and use of technology)
“How refreshing that a sector (The Museum sector) not usually known for pioneering, online, visitor engagement has so effectively harnessed technology to produced such a vibrant and compelling ‘virtual Museum’. Well done.”

Dan Snow, Historian and television presenter
(…of the application/exploitation of the virtual world)
Following the Board Meeting this morning, a note to say I thought (as did the Board) that (the Virtual Re-creation of the Crystal palace) was so good that they want to exploit it further! The Parliamentary working party for the launch of Made by Britain is keen to meet and we are all very excited about the potential to use the Virtual CP as the vehicle for this exhibition.

Nigel Williams, CEng – Secretary, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
(…of reality and virtual reality)
‘There is nothing quite like being close to and actually seeing a real tank ‘in the metal’ so to speak but the new Virtual Museum is an excellent tool to whet your appetite for visiting The Tank Museum which has to be one of the most exciting collections in the world.’

Chris Barrie, Comedian, impressionist and actor (Red Dwarf/The Brittas Empire etc)
(…of history and technology)
‘What a great piece of useful application of technology. I am ex military and have a strong interest in military history and Tank warfare. I look forward to seeing what is added to the Annexe in The Virtual Tank Museum’.

Anon, (retired - Hampshire)
(…of the Davy Lamp e-book)
As we approach the bicentenary of Sir Humphry Davy, at the end of 2015, The Royal Institution, in partnership with ArchAlive (A DIVISION OF OV GEM LTD) launch the first ever electronic publication of the famous manuscript in its collections which traces the steps as to how Sir Humphry Davy’s invented the Miners’ Safety Lamp: now available to the public as an e-book:

The Royal Institution of Great Britain,
(…of the relevance of modern technology applied to antiquarian source data)
“As we move towards the bicentenary of this crucial invention (The Davy Lamp) in the process of industrialisation, it is essential that we understand its scientific and practical origins. Making this manuscript easily accessible to students, researchers and the general public does just that. Archalive have been innovative and progressive – in the spirit of the inventions of their forebears”

Professor Frank James, Professor of the History of Science at the Royal Institution